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I don't think it is necessarily a spamming especially if it brings people to a correct link.After all as long as we click on the link and go to the places we want, even if it helps people earn referrals money, why not help them?

You don't mean the links with the word TRACK in them do you?Update your global audience about your live cam so You can take them private. Throughout 14/15, like Mila's current, you could see Emily across multiple major sites with multiple releases throughout the month, every month.As you go later, you can see that's died off to more limited sites and more limited releases and an attempt to make up for that with a personal pay site.xxxxxx If the girl is beautiful enough then there is no overexposure only except under-exposure where people just loose interest after so long of teasing and only glamour.I prefer links that are straightforward IEG fhg.eternaldesire.com/2016-04-12/MILA/I say the moderator should nuke those tracking links just because ;)Hello Mil Azul: You are Beautiful, Charming, Smart, and Talented.As I am watching your rise, I can tell that You are a Brand, and I'd like to see that You develop your Brand into a successful business. Her current upswing is comparatively similar to the peak of Emily Bloom's popularity if you view Emily's release schedule comparing her 2014/2015 to her flip flopping between announcing leaving the industry and not.

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