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Oost of them appear to be carefree, independent, and happy with the freedom to indulge in immediate gratification, always keeping an eye out for the next best thing.

But sadly, if you manage to engage them in a serious, open discussion, many confess that they secretly want to have an intimate, long-term relationship.

But that doesn't mean people are staying out of relationships altogether, it just seems they are less likely to make the more serious commitments associated with moving in together, much less marriage.

Reach out to friends or family members who can help you work through the insecurities that you may feel.They're confused by the blurry role definitions and floundering when it comes to figuring out how to fulfill this need for permanence and security in our modern atmosphere of non-commitment.But it doesn't matter if you're a struggling Millennial or an older single who's overwhelmed by the new world of online dating; there are solid dating and relationship principles that will ALWAYS apply.Our Your Tango Experts panel members share their most important pieces of this dating advice in the video above.And these are seriously Advice that will perhaps shift your focus onto areas you may be neglecting that are critical for achieving a successful dating or relationship experience.

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