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Sure, people grow and improve, but you should not base your future happiness on the assumption that your partner will be able to (or want to) change enough to satisfy your wishes.

Of course, you may ultimately decide that you can live with your partner’s fault, but in doing so you’re making a deliberate, conscious choice.

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” And then there’s Nate, a 36-year-old financial planner in San Diego, who had been dating Brittany for several months.

He told friends he’d found his “dream woman” and was beginning to think she was the one.

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“Here was this amazing woman—smart, charming, accomplished…and a complete slob,” Nate said. Perhaps it’s a personal habit that drives you nuts: his total lack of manners at mealtime or her constant interruptions while you’re trying to talk.

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Devin and Janine laughed together, shared many of the same goals, and communicated at a deep level. This man, so wonderful in every other way, simply could not keep a job.

His résumé, if he ever compiled one, would be as long and varied as a gangster’s rap sheet.

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