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The first half of the first season ended on October 7, 2011.

After a five-month hiatus, the second half premiered March 17, 2012.

Meanwhile, Piper tries to expose the surf shop's supplier who is selling Three Pieces (George Back) faulty merchandise.

After accidentally destroying Kelly's boat, Bucket and Skinner must get jobs to raise money and fix it.

But he needs help to win it because he is not as popular as Aloe (Glenn Mc Cuen) who is also running.

Piper (Tiffany Espensen) suggests they start rumors that Bucket and Kelly are dating to help him win.

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Piper is forced to be nice to Bucket for a week, so she helps, but when she has one last step and plan, her time is up.

(Note: this is the episode where Bucket has decided to admit his feelings for Kelly).

Absent: George Back as Three Pieces Skinner gets detention on a major surfing day, and Bucket tries to get detention also, only to get thanked every time.

Piper is able to get them jobs at Taco, Taco, Taco dressed in costumes for advertisement.

Meanwhile, Kelly begins to work as a lifeguard with Aloe and finds him a bit weird.

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