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The business was a massage parlor, police told the Los Angeles Times ( Vv F ).

The cause of death was heart disease — specifically, atherosclerotic cardiovascular disease — with obesity a contributing factor, according to the medical examiner.

Douglas Banker and Trevor Engelson also are producing.

The plot is being kept under wraps, but it's described as similar in tone to .

Last year, World Star started “The Field,” a documentary series focused on communities in American cities where hip-hop thrives; Chicago was first, followed by an episode focused on the Miami that lies beyond South Beach. O’Denat has teamed up with Fullscreen in an effort to get brands to underwrite the costs of “The Field” and other original programs. Berger spoke in enthusiastic tech babble about things like channel optimization and audience engagement, Mr. Afterward, he put the need for partnerships on his own terms.“We want to expand and grow, and that requires money,” he said. He built World Star without investors, and over the years has repeatedly declined offers to form partnerships or sell a percentage, fearing loss of control and a turn away from the site’s core audience. O’Denat recalled back in the car after the meeting with Fullscreen.“Puffy flew me to his house in Miami,” he said. O’Denat stopped by the offices of William Morris Endeavor to see his new agent, Everett Johnson.“What’s up, family?

The site’s more outrageous clips, like police car dashboard-camera footage, cheaters confronted and street fights captured via i Phone, have received millions of views and made World Star’s reputation. O’Denat drove from his home in San Diego, where he lives with his three young children, to Los Angeles, where he had a round of business meetings scheduled.O’Denat — a father of three known to fans and friends as “Q” — “was a brilliant businessman who championed urban culture, ultimately creating the largest hip-hop website in the world,” said a posting announcing his death on the site’s Facebook page.He also was “one of the nicest, most generous persons to ever grace this planet,” the posting said. World Star Hip Hop will continue in its various endeavors.Despite its sometimes hard-edged content, companies like Comedy Central, Progressive insurance and Subway are regular World Star advertisers. O’Denat was rattled a few years back when Bill O’Reilly, in response to a video posted to the site of a woman teaching a child to say inflammatory things about President Obama, said the F. The most eye-catching part of his ensemble was a custom denim vest emblazoned with graphics from the 1980s video game “The Legend of Zelda.”“It’s by Romanelli,” Mr. O’Denat, 43, is of Haitian heritage and was raised by a single mother.O’Denat said, referring to Darren Romanelli, a Los Angeles-based artist and designer whose work is popular with rappers and athletes. He started working at 14, initially at a fast-food restaurant (he lasted a week), then at Circuit City, where he fell in love with computers.

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