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The easiest (and most legal) way of doing this involves activating your copy of Windows from within Settings, but you can use a couple of different temporary work-arounds if need be.

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When the conversion tool opens, you are given the options to select the school year, the collection (the data collection for which the information is to be converted) and the sheet (for the type of data you are loading).

When you have selected all the files and checked the sheet selection, you can process the files.

Activating Windows Removing the Activation Watermark from Windows 10Disabling Genuine Advantage in Windows 7Community Q&A This wiki How teaches you how to remove the Windows validation notifications that you see when using an unregistered copy of Windows.

It is free to use, but please read the licence before downloading.

Java 8.0 or later is required: See the Java FAQ for more information.

After the conversion tool processes the files, you can check the status by looking at the Status field.

The tool places the files in the same directory where the spreadsheet is located.

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