Wicd none validating authentication

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Pretty sure "network management framework (GNOME Frontend)" is what made WPA "just work" - the problem is I have followed 3 or 4 sets of instructions, so I can't be sure that the one package is all you need - but it sure seems it is a good place to start.If someone can confirm this, fix this entry (or e-mail Carl Karsten and I'll fix it.) Some WLAN routers, such as the FRITZ!WPA configuration is handled seamlessly by the "just works" Wifi Docs/Network Manager and should be installed with recent versions of Ubuntu.

Next, left click on the Network Manager icon and choose "Connect to other wireless network". Kubuntu (still 6.0.6) users should also skip the section on editing of files and the section on password nagging, and activate kwalletmanager instead.

If setting your keyring password to equal your login password doesn't resolve the keyring nagging you can do the following (be warned however that your essentially removing the keyring as a security feature). You only need to install the libpam(-gnome)-keyring package in Gutsy.

Then simply check the box saying "Automatically unlock this keyring when I log in." when being asked for the keyring password.

op=file&rev=0&sc=0- particularly if you want to set up a static IP address, which Network Manager doesn't currently support very well Note that in Dapper, because of a newer kernel (2.6.15) and a newer wpasupplicant package (0.4.7), your wireless driver may already support the kernel's wireless extensions interface. If you need these let me know and I'll email them to you. Disabling Network Manager allows WPA to work, but you loose the NM function of automatic connections.

to check that you have your wireless device working.

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