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The only way to keep Ned as the heir was to prove that the baby wasn't the son of Alan but of someone else.

Tracy wanted her son, Ned Ashton, who was away at boarding school, to inherit the money.

Tracy also wanted a piece of the profit, so she blackmailed her first husband, Lord Larry Ashton, who was also after the Bone.

Tracy revealed to Larry that she knew he wasn't the real Ashton heir and that she would expose him unless he gave her and son Ned a share of the profits from the quest.

As a backup, Scotty also collaborated with Alan to help him oust Ned from ELQ.

Scotty and Tracy became close and fell in to bed together.

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Jenny knew Tracy had hit her and she used the information to coerce Tracy into granting Paul his divorce.

[Apr 30, 2004] Blackmailed Felicia Jones; if Felicia chose Tracy as Lila Quartermaine's heir, Tracy would keep Georgie Jones' Jones's role in Sage's Alcazar's death a secret [Aug 27, 2004] Helped to cover up Alan Quartermaine's hit and run; later blackmailed Dillon into keeping quiet about it [Mar 24, 2005 and Mar 30, 2005] Faked her death after Luke Spencer pretended to kill her [Jan 16, 2006] Blackmailed Sam Mc Call into leaving ELQ; if Sam left, Tracy would keep a secret from Sam's past hidden.

(brother; deceased) Bradley Ward II (paternal half-brother; deceased) Jimmy Lee Holt (paternal half-brother) Herbert Quartermaine (paternal uncle; deceased) Hal Morgan (maternal uncle) Alan "A. (paternal nephew; deceased) Jason Morgan (paternal nephew; deceased) Robert "Franco" Frank (paternal nephew) Justus Ward (paternal half-nephew; deceased) Faith Ward (paternal half-niece) Skye Chandler Quartermaine (paternal niece; via adoption) Emily Bowen Quartermaine (paternal niece; via adoption; deceased) Maya Ward (paternal half-great-niece) Michael Corinthos III (great-nephew) Jake Webber (great-nephew; deceased) Daniel Edward Morgan (great-nephew) Lila Rae Quartermaine (paternal great-niece; via adoption) Quentin Quartermaine (paternal cousin) Alexandra Quartermaine (paternal cousin) Alexandria Quartermaine (paternal cousin) Celia Quartermaine (paternal first cousin once removed) Chloe Morgan (maternal second cousin; deceased) Schemed to prove that A. wasn't Alan's son so that Ned would remain the Quartermaine heir [1979-1980] Blackmailed Larry Ashton for a portion of the Dragon Bone profits [1989] Blackmailed Jenny Eckert to stay away from Paul Hornsby [1992] Hit Jenny Eckert with her car and fled the scene [1993] Hired a prostitute to pretend to be her when Gino wanted to consummate their marriage; hid his body when he died in bed [1996] Hired robbers thieves to rob the Quartermaines [1997] Blackmailed Skye Quartermaine; Tracy told Skye that if she didn't cough up five million dollars, she would reveal that Skye wasn't Alan's biological daughter [Apr 18, 2003] Sneaked into Jasper "Jax" Jacks's hotel room and stole the Dead Man's Hand [Nov 13, 2003] Hired Coleman to steal the Azure Key's treasure from the auction [Feb 4, 2004] Helped Sage Alcazar upload pictures of a showering Georgie Jones onto the computer at General Hospital [Mar 31, 2004] Blackmail; threatened to send Dillon to military school and ruin Georgie's reputation if he didn't vote for her as CEO of ELQ [Apr 6, 2004] Blackmailed Jax into an engagement; if Jax married her, she would not go to the police with photos that suggested Skye Quartermaine had killed a police officer.

Paul was in love with Jenny Eckert but the cartel threatened the life of Paul's daughter so he complied and married Tracy. However, Tracy refused to give him a divorce, especially after learning about his involvement with the cartel and his true motivations behind marrying her. Baby Dillon was born premature but healthy, and Ned and Jenny were named his godparents.

Determined to hang on to Paul, Tracy announced at Ned and Jenny's engagement party that she was pregnant. Although Tracy tried to make her marriage work, the love Jenny and Paul was too great and the planned to divorce their respective spouses so they could be together. Paul and Jenny were able to turn the tables on Tracy after she accidently hit Jenny with her car.

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