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(He’s Palestinian, although born in the UAE.) Well, he has succeeded in avoiding deportation, but only in favor of a German jail.

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Since then, it’s become clear that things have gone much further, to the point of what we might term the “Facebooking” of the Twitter timeline. Fine, since by retweeting a given twitterer in effect broadcasts that tweet as his own, you can argue that there should be no objection to that when it is from someone I follow.

I know this is not just me: even famed journalist Elizabeth Drew has noticed something odd is going on: But speaking of me, I’ve become frustrated by the increasing time/effort it now takes to find the sort of tweet-material I need, namely news-pieces worth passing on – whether in by tweet or a blogpost – with a bit of translation and commentary. Drew’s key objection is quite basic: “let us see tweets by people we’ve chosen to follow.” Too often that does not happen anymore. But what about seeing a tweet solely due to it having been “liked” by someone whom I follow?

And it’s not anything about my personal data on Twitter that I am particularly worried about. It’s by now well-known how Facebook applies massive computing-power to manipulate a user’s timeline (called there the news feed) to keep people hooked.

When it comes to Twitter, for too long I believed (rather naively) that there was no such manipulation, that the Twitter timeline was a simple “fire hose” of tweets aggregated from accounts one chose to follow. The first step away from “firehose” was the “In case you missed it” feature: manipulation to pluck individual tweets (chosen via AI to be of particular interest to the account-holder) out of their place in the timeline to be displayed again in a special section under that title.

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