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Do you have stories of when you gave up on a 37 year old man with only “prospects” who then hit a gold mine on his 38th birthday? Photo Credit: Atoke was trained as a lawyer in Nigeria and practiced for almost 4 years before she decided sitting in traffic from Oshodi to Lekki every day was killing her slowly.She now works full time as a writer and an editor at Bella Naija.On the other hand, it can be said that there’s a certain drive that pushes you if you are a “have not” and some people just lack it.So it’s more of trying to figure out the point where drive/ambition meets opportunity.Here’s what the Buzz Nigeria movie critics think are the 10 most romantic Nigerian movies.A beautiful, intelligent but overzealous young businesswoman who runs her company and her love life like a drill sergeant.She said she was all for believing in your man and she was formerly of the school of “No Be Money” thought until she realized she was not getting younger.It can be argued that there’s no unifying clock that defines people especially in Nigeria when people are still writing JAMB exam at 22 and living at their parents’ at 25.

A lot of people say this as well, and some women even say they’re good if the guy is a “prospect” for doing more and being more.

Yaz reminded me of a friend of ours who broke up with her 37 year old boyfriend because he was still promising her that he had prospects and she should hang in there.

Dude kept asking her to stop looking at the surface and to look deeper. According to her, if at 37 you’re still hanging on to your prospects, what were you doing at 22 when your mates were planning?

We’ll continue to add new ones as we come across these romantic movies, so keep checking back, and feel free to make suggestions.

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