Who is lee min ho dating currently

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I can understand her being upset with her new husband when she didn't have all the details of how her son died. Hyun-Ki , his mother, Lee Suk-Ho and his wife are extremely selfish and evil people.

I cannot stand Jang Kyung-Ok nor the way she talks. Gonna be a happy ending for Bong Sam Bong and Seok Nyeo...won't write here coz it's gonna be spoiler.

Sam-Bong (Kim Young-Chul) opens Chinese restaurant Gahwamansasung. He has a wife and three children: twins Hae-Ryung (Kim So-Yeon) and Man-Ho (Jang In-Sub) and younger sibling Hae-Won (Choi Yoon-So).

Hae-Ryung appears to have a perfect life with her husband Hyun-Ki (Lee Pil-Mo). Her husband acts indifferent towards her and her mother-in-law is cruel towards her in private.

Hae-Ryung's twin brother Man-Ho is incompetent and childish.

He works at his father's Chinese restaurant with his wife Mi-Soon (Kim Ji-Ho). One day, Se-Ri (Yoon Jin-Yi), who worked for Sam-Bong's restaurant in the past and grew up at the same orphanage as Mi-Soon, appears with a baby son. Hope he will be the male lead in his next drama......

I thought they had good personalities and did their best. Chul-Soo liked Mi-Soon - he was cute and really supported her when she left her husband. I don't understand how you say that Hae-Ryung is responsible for the breakup of their marriage - she was grieving and because she was having a difficult time, its alright for her husband to have an affair? No one is to blame for the death of the son and we shouldn't cast judgment. And her daughter was just as wicked through out the whole show. I can't stand Jang Kyung-Ok and how she thinks she is above everyone and her demeaning manner. And her stupid son allowed his mother to treat his wife like dirt, has an affair and a vasectomy and doesn't tell anyone. First, I am really tired of the fact that Han Mi-Soon has to continually fight with this family to get her kids. Imagine all the drugs she has taken and the emotional stress she went through.She blames everything on every one else, when she is the problem, and goes to any and every extreme to get what she wants. Trying to endure at all cost to support my favorite actress! Glad to see the tired but happy faces of Happy Home cast and crew!And what wife, or family would just accept a baby without taking a DNA test to make sure????? Had high expectations on this drama from the start! But, the story has only few ups and downs for both Mi Soon and Hae Ryung. Let's see how the drama will wrap up Mi soon's story in the last two episodes!! @Kay, I'm sorry but I have to disagree with your assessment. Bong Sam Bong and his wife not working as good example. Right now i dont really care if hyunki lives or dies. Only good for crying n pity over nothing he is worthy of.I agree with the low rating, but I'll qualify my comment by attributing the low rating to the storyline and not the performance of the actors and actresses.As the story came to a conclusion, I lost whatever sympathy I had for Bong Hae-Ryung.

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