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Everyone knows that Halloween attracts two very different types of people: the type who likes to wear sexy Halloween costumes and the type who likes to dress scary or goofy. It's not uncommon to go on a reality TV show on the hunt for love (or, let's be real, fame).But when it comes to making and maintaining long-lasting friendships, maybe it's not the best move....Possibly the most drastic of all the cast’s transformations, Heidi underwent ten cosmetic procedures in one day in 2010, including a brow-lift, breast augmentation, rhinoplasty and a chin reduction.With her new image, she attempted to break into the music industry and released her debut album, Superficial, in the same year.She was later cast for a part in Scary Movie 5, but was left disappointed yet again when her scenes were cut at the last minute.Audrina finally got a lasting gig a couple of years later when she hosted NBC’s travel series, 1 Look for two years.

In 2008, she also launched Heidiwood – a collection of affordable clothing with with US retailer Anchor Blue.

After splitting from former co-star Josh Shepherd last year, Steph declared herself firmly single.

However, in July 2016, it was revealed Steph was dating fellow reality TV star Joey Essex - a pairing that totally baffled fans.

Unlike her sister-in-law, however, Spencer's sister has remained quiet on the subject of plastic surgery - despite speculation over her changing appearance.

The star moved to London in 2013 and now stars in reality show Made in Chelsea.

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