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Favorite marker: That whiz-bang number that Snowshoe bought her for their one-year anniversary. Favorite phrase: "Oh, ) Full name: Mikittok Qimmiq ("mick-KIT-tock KIM-mick", Inuit for 'small dog') The Sassy Barista. Daryl in particular has taken to the use of paintball grenades in order to try and beat some of the better players. Previously unpublished Fact: Even their parents sometimes have trouble telling them apart. He's a fireman, his dad was a fireman, and he hopes his son will be a fireman too. (Desert cottontail, Sylvilagus audubonii) Full name: As-yet unpublished The Brown Bunny Guy. The kind of guy that comes up with an obscure, highly unlikely scenario, wonders how the rules would handle it, and expects everyone to take him seriously. Last month's potato salad appears to be a particular favorite.

Brews his own Mountain Dew since the regular stuff "isn't strong enough".

Holds licenses to operate up to fourteen nuclear reactors on the premises, two of which are used solely to produce his Dew.

Currently dating Cara, which still kind of surprises him, really.

Favorite marker: Has an old spooler Doc built for him. Wears skimpy clothes partly to show off, but mostly because her fur gives her an R-Value of about 36. Great-grandparents emigrated from Kazakhstan in 1917, her middle name is Kazakh for "Rose". Favorite weapon: Wicked right cross, 4 Butt of Distraction. Favorite food: Steak, rare Previously unpublished fact: Has one piercing, but isn't going to show it to ) Real name: James "Jimmy" Olsen The Kid. Has eight sisters (four younger and four older) and so spends a lot of time at the Shop. Favorite phrase: "Sure, I can watch the store for an hour." Favorite food: Pepperoni pizza Previously unpublished fact: Kind of wants to become a comic-book artist.

Or maybe a fireman.) Real name: Daniel The Tourney Player.

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