Who is debra lee of bet dating

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As a Finance Professor, I teach on Capitalism all the time.

As a black man, I’ve noted how our addiction to hardcore capitalism has made it nearly impossible for African Americans to achieve liberation as a people.

This also fails to mention the negative externalities produced by teaching a million black kids to act like Lil Wayne.?

Make your money, but allow the garbage to subsidize the intellectual health food.

So, if TJ Holmes gets a million viewers and Lil Wayne gets 1.5 million, capitalism tells you to drop TJ show you can show more of Weezy.

What this model fails to consider is that the creation of more toxic programming further undermines the intellectual quality of your audience, making it even more difficult for the next TJ Holmes to have a successful show.

We’re grateful that we will continue to benefit from Debi’s experience and insights.

Scott is a proven leader who has made exceptional contributions to Viacom and BET for more than 20 years.

You can’t give your child candy for breakfast, lunch and dinner until he’s 10 years old, and then expect him to become a Vegan.“) is capitalism.BET’s audience is a reflection of what the network has become over the years.To regain a quality audience that appreciates quality programming, we can’t just rely on money-hungry, myopic investments that only allow you to consider next quarter’s profit margin.Another veteran top executive at a Viacom cable network is leaving the company.After a career at BET spanning three decades, Debra Lee is stepping down from her position as Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of BET Networks, effective Monday, May 28, 2018.

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