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But the best part of the interview was the one in which I didn’t speak (ha! Sure, if I fall in love with someone whose hell bent on having his own kid, I wouldn’t squash his dream…) It was when Julie asked the male anchors whether It was a quick segment… but I’m truly okay with being done in the kid department too, so I could go either way.A respectful man would not assume anything and would definitely not make any moves if you’re not comfortable.

Sheridan Smith has revealed that she is in a new relationship.

Also, if I say things like that I dressed as a dominatrix for Halloween and that I sleep naked, is that considered teasing or flirting? Maybe I mislead guys by talking about these things and that is why they are all over me.

Oh, and please don’t tell me to start wearing turtlenecks and khaki pants when I go out because that is not going to happen ;)! Dear Natalie, Let’s see if we can agree on one thing first: If Britney Spears hates the paparazzi, you certainly can’t blame her.

Shortly after their romance came to light, the British performer shared a close-up photo of Graham on her Instagram account, which she captioned: "Fiiiiiit!

@grahamnation my dream man after tom hardy [sic]." Prior to that, Sheridan split from previous boyfriend and Hollyoaks actor Greg Wood at the beginning of 2016 after a complicated on-off relationship.

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