Who is chris jacobs dating

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He has also hosted numerous live programme for Discovery networks, including "Klondike Live", "Chopper Live", "Skywire Live", "Gold Rush Live", and "Skyscraper Live".

Later, Jacob made his appearance in the Velocity’s live broadcast of the Barrett Jackson's Auto Auctions as the co-host.

I'm sure some people think this show is stupid but there are dumber reality shows on TV viz., Big Brother and The Kardashians, which I refuse to watch.

Even The Bachelor has less entertainment value, in my opinion.

He then moved to California where he enrolled at Whittier College, earning a Bachelor’s degree in English.

Shortly after graduating from Western State University College of Law, he joined state bar of California but left after 4 years.

He then gained a moderate success with a role in film, television, as well as in the commercial projects for eight years.

Currently, he is engaged to his longtime girlfriend Ivy Teves, whom he had proposed on one knee while at Wrigley Field before the Cubs played the Los Angeles Angels, a few years back.

The couple has not yet planned of their wedding, but they seem too serious in their relationship.

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