Who is chelsy davy dating now

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The shocking split comes on the heels of rampant engagement rumors as many speculated that the redheaded royal would soon pop the question to stunning blonde."Cressida has also had initial talks with the palace about what will happen once they do announce their engagement and the way things will work," a source told E! "Harry has told his crowd that he knows he will wed Cressida but he wants to ensure their life doesn't become a circus."The two first began dating in 2012 after being spotted on several trips together including the Glastonbury Music Festival and a romantic skiing trip in Switzerland.

But blonde-haired Chelsy has moved on and was spotted sharing a passionate clinch with Blaise at London’s Chinawhite nightclub last weekend during a charity party hosted by Chelsea footballer Didier Drogba.

She and a university friend were also held at gunpoint in Cape Town.

"Chelsy is someone that Cressida can talk to about her unique situation.

Chelsy has a man of her own anyhow."And perhaps Cressy can now confide in Chelsy about her unique breakup. News confirmed that the Harry and Cressida, who began dating nearly two years ago, are no longer together. News reported that Cressida, who recently attended her very first official royal event, was nervous about the attention she would receive if she wed Prince William's younger brother.

The pair had guns held to their heads and forced to lie on the floor of a bar while their assailants patted them down for valuables.

They were told the first person to look up would be shot.

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