Who has condoleezza rice dating

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Unnamed sources have stated that the French government orchestrated this theft to spread the photographs, thus decreasing the stability of the American government and making it less powerful in Europe; possibly in retaliation over the handling of Iraq.This isn't the first time that the French government has meddled in unscrupulous affairs; former-president Francois Mitterrand personally authorized the sinking of the civilian Greenpeace ship, Rainbow Warrior, in Aukland (New Zealand) harbor twenty years ago.This is said to be damning evidence that the French government is involved, or at the very least, former French special forces.

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Associated Press NEW YORK -- It's long been rumored that US secretary of state and football-lover Dr. Rice was seen to be the heir-apparent after being heavily involved in the preliminary marketing of the 2006-7 NFL season.

The Patriot Act would allow "non-maximal" fines and "unfettered confiscation" of anything the government views as important to the case.

The tabloid has been informed of this and realizes that this would mean the end of their paper and the open-ended jailing of their senior staff.

Although the photographer and tabloid have been identified by the Secret Service, the photographs have yet to be confiscated. Rice, she had not yet resigned from her position as secretary of state.

If she had - then the pictures, although illegally obtained, would have been of a civilian and could realistically be published.

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