Who has chelsie hightower dating

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"Dancing with the Stars" doesn't want Chelsie Hightower this season, but Reebok (and Reebok's money) sure does ...the shoe company's sticking by the dancing pro, despite the fact she was axed from season 16.Chelsie inked a major endorsement deal with Reebok earlier this year to be the face of its new dancewear line (which launched in Feb).A great choice for Reebok, considering CH's been a staple on "DWTS" since 2009. Chelsie was NOT asked to return to ABC's hit show this year -- begging the question, WHAT WILL REEBOK DO NOW???? "While we believe Chelsie was the perfect choice for the upcoming season [of 'DWTS'], our relationship with her will not change moving forward and we look forward to continuing to work with her.” Chelsie tells TMZ, "I am just thrilled to be the face of Reebok's new dancewear line ... "Who needs sequins and spray tans when you got sneakers -- and $$$?They continued to develop their dancewear line by breaking out of its previously online-only presence and opening a physical store location in 2010. They continued to establish themselves in television as choreographers for Madonna's Super Bowl halftime performance.From television and concerts, their move into theater occurred gradually. By 2015, they had choreographed several K-pop music videos for artists such as TVXQ, EXO, and Bo A.

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Well its five years later and Vito’s upcoming Olympic appearance has us wondering…is Louie Vito’s girlfriend Chelsie Hightower after all?Tabitha and Napoleon grew up on opposite coasts of the United States and met in the early 1990s as students at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas.They began their dance career together while still in college by choreographing industrial musicals for large corporations with the hip-hop dance company Culture Shock.Aside from their choreography, creative direction, and dancewear line, Tabitha and Napoleon continue to teach hip-hop classes at dance studios and on the convention circuit.They have also been involved with charity work for organizations that support the arts.

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