Who are the janoskians dating 2016

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I came away disgusted and with many, many questions. Thankfully, this mother left with a daughter who was unimpressed.My girl said she expected – like myself – some skits, silly pranks and to hear their singles.The girls cheered as the boys treated them like pieces of meat and made sexually explicit comments at them. More importantly, to the mothers and fathers of those “boys”: would you ever let a man treat your daughter in such a way?If it wasn’t bad enough that the boys showed no talent and appeared to make little effort (they rehearsed? ), they then had hundreds of girls leaving that theatre, acting grateful for the wonderment they had beheld. Unfortunately, many girls left the show feeling privileged to be treated that way.They’ve used it very effectively to promote their singles and tour, with a “tweet to unlock” tour dates strategy making great use of their fans as their social media team.It must be a dream come true to their record company and promoter – so much of the work has been done for them. And if there’s one thing a teenager craves it’s to feel like they are a part of something – to belong.” to huge applause, before spraying the crowd with water.This coming from an almost 20-year-old man to young teenage girls. This was at an show, where there were not only young teenagers but even younger children.

In fact, as much as that awful stunt “Public W**king” drew ire across the world, it appears now that it only served to make the fan base stronger and more determined.

Then it progressed to how the Sydney girls were sexy bitches, corrected by another on-stage star to “sexy SLUTS”.

This prompted cheers from the audience, who seemed to think this was a good thing.

The “Janoskianators” are like “Beliebers”, and in their eyes the boys can do no wrong and any criticism just makes them close ranks and become more loyal.

That’s why I ask: where are the regulations to make those decisions for those young, wide-eyed fans?

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