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Jeffries came out of retirement for the fight, after a search for a ‘Great White Hope’ to defeat him after he beat Canadian Tommy Burns in the 1908 world championship.

Eve spoke to Hot 97’s Angie Martinez recently about her relationship: “We learn a lot about each other but people came at me like, ‘I can’t believe you’re dating a white dude and you don’t like black dudes no more.’ I’m like, ‘I love black men, it just so happens that my heart went this way right now.’” Thatta, girl!

Johnson fled the country after his conviction, but years later he agreed to return and served a 10-month jail sentence.

New York Representative Peter King and Arizona Senator John Mc Cain now want to reintroduce a congressional resolution urging a pardon.‘With last year's elections, there seems to be a clear intent by the president to try to be more bipartisan,’ Mr King said.

Nikki Nelson/ WENN We were on the fence about including stunning Haitian-American beauty Garcelle Beauvais on our list, largely due to the bougie character she played on TV (you, Fancy, huh).

But it was because of that role on one of the most popular black sitcoms of the late-90s that she earned a spot on our list with her marriage to agent Mike Nilon.

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