When did rachel and puck start dating online dating is she serious

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Hannah was his grandmother and also the woman he would do just about anything for. She had been on her way to the teachers lounge when she saw the young girl squeal and jump into her nemesis' arms. Rachel is the one who set up his audition.""I'm going to get to the bottom of this." Emma loved mysteries. Plus things at the guidance counselors office had been mostly slow."Keep me posted.""I will." She started to leave but hesitated. "Thanks Terri bought it for me."Of course she did, Emma thought miserably. It was terrifying being in a classroom full of people who he had spent a great deal of time torturing. Schue and did his best to suppress the smirk that desperately wanted to play on his lips. I'm his best friend and I've never even heard him sing before."Rachel froze.

If Hannah asked him to walk across hot coals he'd do it. "Hannah's happy enough with our performances at her home and while yes she would tell me to join glee if she knew it was an option the only way she'd find that out is if you told her and you wouldn't do that. She waited for them to disappear from sight before rushing into the auditorium where Will was grading papers. He sat down beside Santana and tried to ignore all of their stares. He frowned when Finn walked in and she turned all of her attention on him."So as you all can see we've got a new member today." Will announced to the class. Finn Hudson wasn't used to not getting what he wanted. "I hope you aren't too torn about not getting paired with Finn."Rachel was surprised by the venom in Noah's voice but chalked it up to him playing the part. It was one thing to know that she fawned over Finn. "If that's all then we'll meet at your house later to practice.""Um okay," Rachel didn't understand why he seemed so distant. And it was definitely Noah who was mad at her and not Puck."I said can you believe Mr.

Rachel's heart has always been with singing number one, and then acting/dancing at a close second.

I'm sorry, does going to college in the same general area of the US mean you have the same goals?

(different user :) He is an okay type of character.

Funny at times, but a bit of a jackass at other times, such as calling MY MAN Finn a punk.

A deep, but not so dark one that would have blown the minds of all their peers at Mc Kinley High School. Still when she got to Mc Kinley she found that unlike at their old school her and Puck were in very different social circles.

I'm going to guess somewhere around 2020, after Rachel is huge success on Broadway and Quinn has settled on what sort of career she's going to have.Both of them wanting to be actresses and both of them attending schools in the Northeast means that they have completely different goals? If Quinn wanted to go to LA then why isn't she at UCLA? __ No, but according to canon so far, that's their sexualities.If Quinn or Rachel were lesbian, chances are, that story would've been explored by now.THIS STORY IS DEFINITELY AU/AR/WHATEVER YOU CALL COMPLETELY MADE UP. I'LL DO MY BEST BUT MY VERSIONS OF THEM ARE DIFFERENT FROM THE SHOWS. They went from graduating with potentially 50 people to around 350. Noah didn't talk about his guys, or how he was a badass. Rachel Berry and Puck were enemies, but Rachel Berry and Noah were best friends.- - -"I wish you would join glee," Rachel replied before taking a long sip of water. Once you'd done a duet with Noah there was no going back. Normally she said she wanted him to join glee, but she dropped it pretty quickly. There wasn't a scout in this country who would look at him when they were struggling to even score a single touchdown. Not because he cared about glee, but because he cared about her. It was one thing to sing at Hannah's home with Rachel. If he doesn't I'll quit.""Are you sure I can do this? But there was a part of him who worried that Rachel was biased because she was his best friend. "As sure as I was that Kurt Hummel was gay and you know I've got the highest powered gaydar in the state of Ohio."- - -Will Schuester watched quietly as Puck took the stage. In fact it was so crazy that if even someone had told you their secret, more than likely you would have laughed in their face and told them they were crazy. There were only 8 kids their age and all of them attended the small Jewish private school in the next town. It had been her idea for them to act like they didn't know each other at school.

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