What islam says about dating Chat with girls on facetime

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This is why the Prophet of Allah said "When two people (illegally) are together alone then the third is shaitaan" (Bukhari).We see in today’s day and age the consequences of such actions.

And the fornication of the two feet is the steps taken towards evil.The heart desires and longs and the private parts abide with or does contrary to it".(Mishkat ul Masabih, Abu Dawood) Teenage relationships start off as friendship and eventually can lead to fornication.Allah says in the Holy Quran regarding lowering the gaze: Imam Al Quduri the great Hanafi Jurist states "It is not permissible for a man to look at a woman who is not his wife or un-marriageable relative except for her face and hands (because of the necessity of her need to deal with men in taking and giving and the like).If a man is not safe from lust, he may not look at her face except for when it is demanded by necessity.

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