Welsh dating find love

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The Welsh are passionate, they’ve spent decades fighting for their rights and identities.This thread of rebelliousness is really rather sexy—the animation of a Welsh person whilst defending their corner is akin to chivalry. They’ll hold your hand in public, and you’ll always have a protective arm around you when you head out on dates.You might even get a love spoon, a traditional gift that represents commitment. No timid glances across a bar; it’s straight over with the life story, and before you know it, you’re on your first date. If a Welsh man asks you to the rugby, you know you’re in.They were historically given as engagement rings in rural communities. If a Welsh girl asks you for a night with her friends, you go, no questions, but be prepared for an interrogation.They have a genuinely caring nature and will put you first. The Welsh love their food, and they’re not frightened to order hearty dishes. The stereotype of chips with everything couldn’t be further from the truth.After all, who doesn’t love moist, pink Welsh lamb chops, fresh shellfish and Italian ice-cream, a legacy leftover from the Italian immigrants who settled in South Wales more than 100 years ago?The stereotypical image of the Welsh—dark hair and eyes, rather sturdy and courageous—stems from these myths and legends.

Technically, it’s a cuddle or hug, but to the Welsh it’s so much more.St Dwynwen’s Day, Wales’ version of Valentine’s Day, is on 25th January.St Dwynwen, the patron saint of lovers, has a sad story.Whether looking down onto Three Cliffs Bay, surveying the Brecon Beacons from the top of Raglan Castle, losing yourself on the wild western coastline or sitting in a sun-drenched field as summer concludes, there is romance everywhere.The Welsh are extremely loyal, so don’t be surprised if you skip the ‘just seeing each other’ side of a relationship completely.

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