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Conventional licensed therapy's mantra is, "If it feels good do it." In the grown-up world, people understand that there are things that feel good that also lead to terrible consequences. It can feel good to stay high on drugs instead of going to work. It can feel good to overeat to the point of obesity.

So let's look at some of the most common myths that stop a person from dealing with sex addiction.

I've been helping people overcome sex addiction since 1983 and I'm still learning every day. Anyone willing to be honest about his or her addiction and willing to put in effort can do it.

You are not stuck, although you might feel that you are.

Past failures do not mean that you didn't care, or that you sabotaged yourself. You can overcome any addiction, including any form of sexual addiction, with an approach that works and proper guidance.

When you attempt to get a handle on sex addiction, you're doing much more than merely stopping a bad habit.

If you've failed at getting your addiction under control, you're not doomed.

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