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Still njore munt tbi-i Ikivo been the va^e in Ln/on, The evi- Jenee given on ihi» puiot by de la Fl'Evtk, {^) has lately been fully cuiiiirmed by the researches of Dr, Montajto, who has kindly |da j Mirole forentjerw/' (L'Abb?

* To Bttfe, quote«i by PRICHAAD^ ■ftf t/tr P/ii/*it'ui flhto.y (tf . Malay, 379 M Machine mikinl Maggot ok A Magic * hikmftt rhikmat (Ar.), Jav.

Everytbiu^' tii fai't tenii.s tuore aul ui'jra to prove that the Negrito race, of wbieb the Mineotle thein iu phyt*ical charactcriiitic«, (") If Lhi?

* is really the ease, are we not entitled to believe tbat tbe subntrafum of this linguistic family will be found in tbi* Mineopie buiguaj;ef??

Google Book Search helps readers discover the world's books while helping authors and publishers reach new audiences. Yet thpsc* langnage B bave a common origin and Rtrueture; tbey aro all agglii* tinative.

You can search through the full text of this book on the web at |http : //books . com/ THE PIGMIES OF HOMER, HERODOTUS, ARISTOTLE, PLINY, ETC.; THE ASIATIC PIGMIEv S, OH NEGRITOS ; THE NEGRILLOS OR AFRICAN PIGMIES. DE QUATREFAGES, f.r.s., Jlrmbre dr VInsfifut, Profatsmr au Museum (VHhfoire Naiurclle. Sbould tbey have any affinities witb otbers, which Mpssfi*.

Uti/fkinti, Vo L \ |% 1*2 L) ' '-^ Pkk.hako, h H\ ctt, ^.^'\ o tuuml murcovtft in the same vocabulary, tmu Hlateil into **** ^*^ t of ZAiiibaict? M, Mo KTAKO wnlt tlio Mam/iinias, or Xogritofi of Mii Klaiuio. ( See Cask ) kepsingan and kepsan r bunoh {See Commit t. Mak., jinisi kaum ^ Knowledge elmu Known, well- * ni^shur Kris ^ kris L Labour, toj work hininjj Lad subbal Ladder h^gd An Lade, to; fdl Ift An Ladle siiduk Lad)^ * Tnche Lame tfinka Afaiay. Occurs m Sund* and Batrsrt 1 inuht M (^'^'t r Chraji^ Low watr T liiinas ; liumrma^ Luck, t(f Hprl maraivau sukut Luck, h;ir] mai T^T siikut "^ hawa ukisu haw a nafsu (J ENGLISH, SULU, AND MALAY VOCABULARY. X ikma t Mahoniedan * isl Am islam ipat Maintenance s&nt&pan fsantapan, food (of \ Rajas) Maize g&ndom {See Corn) Make, to hin Ang Make, to; compose hindngk&n Malady kas&kit An ka-sakit-an (5'r^Ache) Malay, a tan Malaiyau Male issak Mallet t{ik61 (See Hammer) Man ; people tan Mandate *tit Ah {See Decree) Manure Idmfigei Many ; much mataud ; mataut Many, how pil Ah pildh ^^sd'kkn Many, so sa'kian. [See \ Blame) r dayang, maid of hon- \ our, lady in waiting.

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io olber exelu Hive — for the Brst person of the plural, aud, iu general, iu the agf;lutinative structure of words. Annual abstracts of the observations, taken at the four recording stations are attached, as are also the annual registers of rainfall. The accompanying charts shew the mean annual pres- sure, temperature, rainfall, and the number of days on which •ain fell at Singapore, from 1870 to 1885.

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1 have compareil seveui] of lhrj«e wilh wordn in two Tho Negritos of tbe Allmy province (South -eant of Lu/.on) R|w*4ik Bicol flu- ently.

But i\wy un' cni KHtsil w-ith Malays* The liisjiya Tajruhxs l Ucol.

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