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A document, even if well formed, is not considered valid if it does not follow the rules defined in the DTD.When an XML document is validated against a DTD by a validating XML parser, the XML document will be checked to ensure that all required elements are present and that no undeclared elements have been added.A DTD provides a roadmap for describing and documenting the structure that makes up an XML document.A DTD can be used to determine the validity of an XML document.In this tutorial we look at how to use SAXBuilder to create a JDOM2 Document such that the SAXBuilder validates the XML using the DTD before creating the JDOM2 document. If you are looking for a way to create JDOM2 Document using the SAXBuilder but without any validation then this tutorial explains just that. The first XML is invalid and therefore fails the validation step. The DTD will define the elements required by an XML document, the elements that are optional, the number of times an element should (could) occur, and the order in which elements should be nested.DTD markup also defines the type of data that will occur in an XML element and the attributes that may be associated with those elements.

Then we will move on to the functional items that make up the DTD.

This type of assurance for XML document structure is vital for e-commerce applications and business-to-business processing, among other things.

This is where the Document Type Definition (DTD) steps in.

Imagine a scenario where data is being exchanged in an XML format between multiple organizations.

The integrity of business-to-business data is vital for the smooth functioning of commerce.

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