Validating the interview selection process

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If you see any datasource at the cognos connection,you can actually click on it and you will find the datasource connection(s) under it.You may have multiple datasouce connection for a datasource.You just click on namespace and then goto to ACTION menu and click Meta Data Wizard.From here procedure is same as you create a datasource from Cognos Connection.1) Clicked on pink color icon2) A screen comes, give datasource name and clik next , following screen appears3) Select the database that you want to connect to and click next , following screen will appear.

First and last day of last year is used in january. The default selection of the options in a search and select prompt is set to “Starts with any of these keywords”.

Set up a boolean variable in the condition explorer with the expression [Second calc] 04.

Select ‘list columns body style’ using the Select Ancestor button, select the Style Variable property, and pick your boolean variable.5.

Directly join month level fact with this day level surrogate key...

This is a new feature that I came across in Cognos 8.4.

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