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The project came to a halt and the coroner stepped in to investigate. Only a few days later the coroner knew it was a male.Other artifacts were dug up at the site, including a bowtie dating back to the turn of the 20th century and hardware believed to be from a casket.

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Amy has four daughters, three of whom are currently at VMS, and one who graduated in 2016.That led the Eagle County coroner to the Greenwood Cemetery in Red Cliff.But all the Bottolfson family members are accounted for there except one that is known to be buried outside the Vail Valley. (CBS4) – Construction workers in Vail found skeletal remains in June, and after nearly 90 days the coroner says the mystery dates back more than a century.Vail has only been a town as long as the interstate and ski resort have been built, just over 50 years.

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