Updating samsung blackjack 2

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Unsolder both cables from the old backlight lamp and solder them to a new one.

You can test the new backlight lamp (CCFL) before you install it back into the screen.

In order to access the backlight lamp leads you’ll have to remove the rubber caps from both side of the lamp.

I’m not sure if you can touch the backlight lamp with your fingers, so I would use rubber gloves.

Cabled on both sides of the backlight lamp are soldered to the backlight leads.

In order to access the leads you’ll have to remove the black insulator on both side of the lamp.

If you do something wrong you will permanently damage the LCD screen and have to buy a new one. Be careful, do not touch internal components with your fingers. Place the metal frame and LCD with the circuit board aside. Do not separate the layers, just put them aside together.

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Replacing the backlight lamp is not an easy task even for experienced technicians. On the following picture you can see that frame, LCD with the circuit board and screen base have been separated.Before you remove the backlight lamp and reflector take a closer look how it’s assembled and mounted to the screen base.Fitting the backlight and reflector back in place could be a very challenging task.The phone also includes Pocket versions of Microsoft Word, Excel and Power Point, Internet Explorer Mobile to surf the Web and Microsoft Office Outlook Mobile to send emails.This makes it one highly reliable device, one of the strongest for taking care of business problems, even when out of the office.

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