Updating of security procedures and scheduling of security audits carbon dating stone

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If this is not in place then the organisation might have to close down or start again, this will make them lose a lot of money and also have a bad reputation from their clients because they lost their vital information and data.

Security audits measure an information system's performance against a list of criteria.Disaster recovery- this is details of what action will be undertaken in the event of a human based or natural disaster such as fires, floods, loss of equipment, virus or workers strikes.this plan may consist of back up of data, use of another site or the hiring of more staff and this will be funded by the insurance that that company has.occurred, therefore it is important to update the security procedures on a regular basis in order to become aware of any new threats that have arisen and to update the system to be able to overcome these threats.again at a college you would be told about cameras or any try of surveillance equipment before you join and are told if they put anything in while you are there.Budget setting- this is when an organisation sets out a budget for dealing with security issues as this equipment isn't free.

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