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We at VMW heard rumors about a spinoff for a solid two years before officially launching @pivotal.— Josh Long (龙之春, जोश) (@starbuxman) April 1, 2018 And, of course, today is April Fool's Day, and so there were lots of good thing shappening out there in that wonderful world wide web, with the usual suspects - like Google - getting in on the action. I hope you'll join me and some of my friends; it's sure to be a blast!20 March 2018 UPDATE: you can find the code for this project on my Github.The journey took the better part of a day and I landed in Dubai late in the evening on Tuesday. It was Thanks to @Dubai_DED and @emaratech UAE for hosting @pivotal @starbuxman. @springcloud @springboot pic.twitter.com/h Iggjjo42V— Fadi Yousuf (@fadicce) March 7, 2018 Then, I went and spoke to the world-famous Emirates airlines, routinely ranked among the best airlines in the world.I'd never been to Dubai so I confess I wasn't sure to expect. Turns out, they love Pivotal and Spring almost as much as the world loves their airline! It was fun speaking to you about reactive @cloudnativejava @cloudfoundry @springcloud @springboot - and thank you for the amazing gift!The original plan was that I would fly from Glasgow, Scotland to Sydney, Australia.If you haven't done that run before, it's a tier of travel.16 August 2018 I just concluded a wonderful Devoxx FR where I was reunited with old friends and spoke to people about cloud native (reactive) Spring.

There are no listed characteristics for this level, but I've heard that you need to be in the top 1% of all travelers in both miles and ticket spend to be invited.I'll be speaking at the Atlanta, GA Spring Meetup on Tuesday the 10th where I'll be looking about all things new, including reactive programming, Spring Web Flux, Spring Cloud Finchley, Spring Cloud Function and Project Riff. There's so much good stuff happening in the neighborhood that one can't help but soak it all up.Then it's off to Indianapolis where I'll be doing the same talk on Thursday the 12th. however you count it, @pivotal has been at least 5 years in the making.Then, on 2-3 May I'll be in Melbourne, Australia, and the VOXXED Melbourne event. From Denver, I head off to Kyiv, Ukraine for a JUG meeting.I'll also be presenting at the JEEConf event on the 18th of May. I'll be in Dublin an Belfast speaking to customers and ) Bercelona, Spain! Then, finally, I'll return home to San Francisco for a few days in the sun before I make the trek to Singapore for the epic VOXXED Singapore event.

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