Updating fedora core 1

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Although Peppermint OS is not so popular than other Linux Distributions, it is another best Linux distro for Laptop.Because of its cloud apps compatibility, low resource uses and it’s software manager makes it different.Such as Google Chrome, Kingsoft Office, Deepin Music, Deepin Movie and a beautiful file manager.Deepin has also it’s own software center which calls Deepin Software Centre.NET, you'll need to register the Microsoft key, register the product repository, and install required dependencies. Open a command prompt and run the following commands: Before installing .

Although LXLE based on LXDE Desktop, but it is beautiful than ordinary LXDE desktop Environment.After registering with the Subscription Manager and enabling the .NET Core channel, you are ready to install and enable the . In your command prompt, run the following commands: Before installing . NET Core from Red Hat on RHEL, you first need to register using the Red Hat Subscription Manager.If this has not been done on your system, or if you are unsure, see the Red Hat Getting Started Guide.

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