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Bermuda's medical facilities are good for a 21-square mile island but not equipped for very serious conditions.

If you require extensive and/or intensive treatment you will likely be air-lifted elsewhere, usually to good hospitals in the USA, possibly Lahey in Boston or Johns Hopkins in Baltimore or New York or Philadelphia, at your expense.

There is no UK-style or Canadian publicly funded through general taxation National Health Service equivalent in Bermuda.

Bermuda does not have any government-issued or private health service offering free healthcare, medical, hospital, surgical or medical prescription services in return for taxes paid by residents.

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They will not be allowed to opt out of the local plan if they belong to any non-local healthcare plan.

Employees cannot opt out of an employers health insurance coverage.

However, employer's participating insurance companies cannot turn employees away or charge them more because they have an illness or medical condition.

In Bermuda, an unmarried personal partner or parent or sibling of a Bermudian or non-Bermudian is not a spouse and has no legal standing or spousal rights or any right to have health insurance with that other person.

Any non-Bermudian personal partner but not a spouse and all other non-Bermudian visitors including tourists are not permitted by Bermuda Immigration to stay in Bermuda beyond their specified vacation or holiday unless there are very special and compelling circumstances reported in advance to Bermuda Immigration.

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