Updating elastix

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If you want to upgrade the current Elastix software (v.1.6 or v.2.x) to the latest packages version then proceed according to the Current Elastix software packages update.If you want to upgrade the Elastix 1.6 software to the latest Elastix v.2.x then proceed according to the Upgrade to the next major Elastix version. If the Linux kernel was upgraded then please check that the correct kernel is defined as the default option in the GRUB configuration file (/boot/grub/menu.lst).

These are effectively forums with thousands of posts and typically have hundreds of users online at any point in time.Although these are free open source solutions, there are still some costs involved if you wish to purchase certain advanced functionality that not everyone or every company may need.These are listed as follows: Perhaps one of the greatest benefits of choosing an open source software solution is that there is typically a large community that is always there to help.Currently on 2.3 x86 and would like to take it up to 2.4 x86 is fine 2.5 wouldn't hurt either. Settings fail to read from Freepbx - errors when loading web page initially.reboot does not help Same error here yum -y reinstall free PBX also does no good.

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