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When the movie listing appears, make sure that your changes are shown.

This makes it possible to embed script within HTML tags in the text.As you may have guessed, when creating an editable Grid View whose data comes from an Object Data Source, the underlying data access layer class must provide an appropriate Update method.We'll look at the required signature for the Update method and see how to configure the Object Data Source to use this method.As we saw in the Deleting a Grid View's Underlying Data section, creating such a Sql Data Source is as simple as checking the Generate Insert, Update, and Delete Statements from the dialog box shown back in Figure 35.(Recall that this dialog box is accessed through the second step of the Sql Data Source wizard, by clicking the Advanced button.) As with the delete example, checking the Generate Insert, Update, and Delete Statements will create not only an UPDATE statement, but INSERT and DELETE statements as well.

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