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For detailed information on the use of column DEFAULT values, see “Using column defaults” in Chapter 9, “Ensuring Data Integrity” in the System Administration Guide: Volume 1.

See CREATE TABLE statement for details about updating IDENTITY/AUTOINCREMENT columns, which are another type of DEFAULT column.

Further, if a single-column primary key already contains an entry Value, an INSERT of value is rejected, as it would make the primary key not unique.

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The FROM clause can contain multiple tables with join conditions and returns all the columns from all the tables specified and filtered by the join condition and/or WHERE condition.If no WHERE clause is specified, every row is updated.If you specify a WHERE clause, Sybase IQ updates only rows satisfying the search condition.Using the wrong join condition in a FROM clause causes unpredictable results.If the FROM clause specifies a one-to-many join and the SET clause references a cell from the “many” side of the join, the cell is updated from the first value selected.

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