Updating channels palm os

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I do believe this will also rollout to Aus users too to enable the same functionality, but not sure when, Dean will likely confirm at some stage.

Is the Nougat update really going to offer anything of substance ?

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Just my opinion, the ZTE film/screen protector is well worth it.

) The screen protector available from ZTE Australia website is crystal clear and cheap. Re: /archive/2534736#r52889952 @Sifu Dean whrl.pl/Re Pe BN Today I experienced a similar problem for the second time.

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We don't want any users – not a single one – to have a issue updating their devices so we are leaning towards SDcard for our next update. We may do both as HQ don't mind the risk as they have changed the FOTA module in B11 to try and eliminate the risk of failure that occurred for the 14 users (I quote that number as it is the number I know of and I think others just swapped at JB). thanks in advance If by FOTA then no as the update won't appear on non-AU stock.The metal case I suspect doesn't help and I reckon the reception is poorer, but it hasn't inconvenienced me yet – just more likely to drop to a 3G instead of hanging onto a weak 4g, where my nexus would hold longer on the 4g Valid issue, now fixed: Fixed with B10, it used to happen to me with Google Play Music, but after updating I haven't had it since.Google play does occasionally pause for no reason, but it used to do that on my nexus too.From what I was told originally it is not the same baselines, but R&D took back S/W control into the China team and they are doing all S/W streams and including our requirements into the EU baseline. :) further edit: and after scanning through that thread I will be doing exactly nothing and waiting for a stable build (even though my phone has the update ready to download).So as long as it is a A2017G from Germany (only one I know is same bands as us 100% – Italy I have no information on myself to confirm what they have but the UK version doesn't have LTE Band 28 as it has Band 20 so that model is a no go for sure as far as I am concerned). gat-v1-2-0b01-ota-update-t3581982 edit2: So it doesn't give the sound preview when you press the a volume key and slid across any of the sliders, how are you supposed to know how loud you're setting the ring volume or even your alarm??? Video to explain it here: https://youtu.be/Xb4z Mw Fwbmo Technically it's the same as the leaked Beta version from a few weeks back, so it looks like ZTE (EU) released a not quite finished version, just to make the 31st of March date to keep their promise. 7g-nougat-v1-2-0b01-ota-update-t3581982 If you read a few pages, people have confirmed it has the same signature (Hash check) as the previous leaked build a few weeks back. This shows the bargain-basement approach by ZTE..isn't a cheap device at 0-700.

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