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Instead, a changeset is represented as a hash of its contents.For example, given the changeset: Clearly, though, this doesn't work on its own. It would have the same change, and we don't want the same hash value.Although policy may confer special status on one or more repositories, in principle every repository is a first-class citizen in the DVCS model.This stands in contrast to a centralised version control system, where every individual checks files into and out of an authoritative repository.

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Even relatively simple operations, like a file rename, can throw a well-formed CVCS patch out of the window.This post is aimed at those who have been using Eclipse for a while, and probably have been using either the baked-in CVS or external SVN providers to store their source code.The content of the post is about Git: what it means to you, as an Eclipse user, and specifically, how it affects how you obtain or work with projects from Also, the exact way that the prior elements in the tree are stored, and their relationships, isn't accurately portrayed above; however, it gives sufficiently well the idea of how they are organised. Fortunately, there are a couple of ways around this.Git, like other DVCSs, allow you to use an abbreviated form of the changeset, provided that it's unique in the repository.

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