Updating adobe reader to 9 4 4

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Create a folder called Adobe Package in the root of the C: drive. Download the base installer from the link above to any place of your choosing. Right-click on the base installer and use 7-zip to extract the content to C:\Adobe Package.Now that the contents of the base installer have been extracted, we can move on to creating our own customization to the installation, where we will disable some of the features that may not be eligible for enterprise environments.Start Acrobat Customization Wizard DC, click File – Open Package and browse to C:\Adobe Package to select the Acro On the Personalization Options page, select to suppress displaying the EULA. Moving on to the Installation Options page, select to make Reader the default PDF viewer.

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This part of the post is not required to deploy Adobe Acrobat Reader 2015 DC, but it might give you some extra tools to perform a successful deployment throughout your environment. Distribute the new application to your Distribution Points. I’ve put together a small VBscript that can be used to uninstall Adobe Reader X (10.x) and Adobe Reader XI (11.x). We’re now done with the Uninstaller application and can move on to create the Adobe Acrobat Reader 2015 DC application. On the User Experience page, specify accordingly: Installation behavior: Install for system Logon requirement: Whether or not a user is logged on Installation program visibility: Normal Maximum allowed run time (minutes): 30 Estimated installation time (minutes): 2 Click Next. It can easily be extended to your needs, you’d just have to add your own code if you e.g. You can use this script as what I call an Adobe Reader Uninstaller application. Creating the Adobe Acrobat Reader 2015 DC application is like creating any other application, basically. I’d recommend that you enable the Protected View and enter the locations where the end users will open PDF files from, unless they’ll be presented with a yellow bar saying that the document is opened in Protected View, which for some users can be frustrating and may cause unnecessary help-desk calls. Creator of Config Mgr Prerequisites Tool, Config Mgr OSD Front End, Config Mgr Web Service to name a few. The best way to go about this section is to enter the values of locations you think might be enough, complete this part in the blog post and then try out your installation package on a lab machine to see if your values where correct. For Web Mail Profiles, I’d disable this setting although there’s no real way for us to prevent a user to take the actual PDF file and send it through any web mail service manually, but I like to turn of this feature so that it’s not available directly inside of the application. On the Online Services and Features page in the Online Features section, select to disable Product Update and Enable and Install silently for the trusted root certificate from Adobe.

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