Updating a table in oracle

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The first parameter in brackets "xxxxxx" denotes the section of code in the kernel that the error was raised from.

Before control is passed back to the user, the database looks up the error message for that specific number.

They can be indexed, and you can collect statistics on them. Exceptions and restrictions are listed below in "Notes on Virtual Columns" and "Restrictions on Virtual Columns".

, then editioned objects are invisible during name resolution and an error will result.

For example, suppose you define a function-based index on the virtual column.

The optimizer can use the function-based index to evaluate queries that contain the virtual column expression in their clause.

With an unconditional log group, the database supplementally logs all the columns in the log group when the associated row is modified.

If the evaluation edition is dropped, then a subsequent query on the virtual column will result in an error.

The database does not maintain dependencies on the functions referenced by a virtual column.

Additionally, if the table owner intends to grant access to the table to other users, then the owner must have been granted the .

Without these privileges, the table owner has insufficient privileges to grant access to the table to other users.

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