Universal dating regulations bylaws

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The draft Claims and Payments Regulations with accompanying Explanatory Memorandum include provision for the following.

It is not certain that the DWP intends the right to reside test to apply to UC in exactly the same way it does currently to means-tested benefits.

Simon Osborne describes recent developments concerning the introduction, main rules and claims and payments arrangements of universal credit.

When introduced, universal credit (UC) will see the start of a major restructuring of the social security and tax credits system. UC will be introduced gradually (ie, ‘rolled out’), and current claims of the other means-tested benefits will continue for a time.

UC standard allowance and elements The draft regulations confirm the intention that there will be a standard allowance or a single claimant or for joint claimants.

The Department expects that up to 1,500 new claimants will come on stream each month in the early roll-out.A further set of regulations dealing with claims and payments issues for UC as well as other benefits was published at the same time.5 These regulations are referred to here as the ‘draft Claims and Payments Regulations’.The draft regulations (both the UC and the Claims and Payments) provide some more detail on the skeletal primary rules contained in the Welfare Reform Act 2012 (see the article in Bulletin 227, also the UC factsheet and our publication Universal Credit: what you need to know).From April 2014 (though this may now be June 2014), it is planned that other existing claimants will be migrated to UC (‘managed change’), concentrating at first on those ‘whose work behaviour is most likely to benefit from Universal Credit.’3 Further details were not available at time of writing.Draft UC regulations4 for the main UC rules were published on 15 June 2012 and were the subject of a (now typically short) consultation process, with comments due to the Social Security Advisory Committee by 27 July 2012.

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