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For GPU support, we've been grateful to use the work of Chainer's Cu Py module, which provides a Num Py-compatible interface for GPU arrays.

First, install follows the normal CUDA installation procedure.

Using the breakpoint setting, you can decide if the mobile menu will be displayed for tablet and mobile (1023px and below) or only for mobile (767px and below). By setting the mobile menu to full width, you can have the mobile menu display in a limited width when closed (when only the hamburger icon is shown), but spread to full width when opened.

Hamburger or text mobile menu (Vertical & Accordion Menus).

Elementor’s mobile menu features include: Mobile & tablet breakpoints.

Put simply, moving menu elements around used to involve painstaking code, and now it is done with a few handy draggable controls.

Some of our menu spacing controls include: By customizing the color and typography of the menu elements, you are able to create a wide array of menus.

If you've trained your own models, keep in mind that your train and runtime inputs must match.

This means you'll have to retrain your models with the new version.

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