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Speaking to The Sun, the former Ex On The Beach star, 27, confessed that he 'can't deal with her stories', meaning they will just stay friends.

'Me and Lydia are just friends and we get on and she’s nice but she just blabs on a bit and she knows that.'I can’t deal with her stories.

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But Lachlan has proven to be a scary force to be reckoned with in recent weeks, and once he finds out what his mum has done, he could be responsible for his family's involvement in an explosive stunt on Thursday's double bill.

Next week will also see Moira come clean to Ross about her involvement in his mother Emma's murder, revealing she was the one who pushed her off the bridge.

Unsuprisingly Ross does not take the news well, leading the Barton to pin Moira up against the wall in a violent clash.

Fans were shocked by the uncomfortable scenes, which saw Moira angrily scream: 'I don't want your love,' as she punched Cain to the floor.

Rushing to Twitter to express their distress at Moira's unexpected outburst, one viewer commented: 'My god Moira that was harsh on Cain.'Another wrote: 'Blimey the hard man of @emmerdale cain dingle just got beaten up by moira.' Things are only set to get worse for Moira when her son Adam wrongly confessed to Emma's murder, and was forced to go on the run after a dramatic escape orchestrated by Cain and Aaron.

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