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During your menstrual cycle, one of your two ovaries releases one microscopic egg, called an ovum.

(Your ovaries are reproductive organs approximately one and a half inches long and located in your lower abdomen, one on each side of your uterus; ovaries also release hormones that help to control your menstrual cycle.) The egg's release from the ovary is called "ovulation," and it usually happens in the middle of your cycle—around day 12 to 14 in a 28-day cycle.

However, some risk-taking behaviors, such as drinking alcohol, smoking and using drugs have negative effects.

Learn More: Substance Abuse Visiting Your Doctor Before the onset of puberty, discuss your questions and concerns with your health care professional.

Below are some of the common tough issues you may find, and tips for handling them.

Self Esteem & Peer Pressure The foundation for positive self-esteem is built at an early age and is influenced by relationships between you and your family.

Ovulation can be irregular, though, when you first start having your period.

The egg then moves through one of the two fallopian tubes (the two tubes attached to the top of the uterus that lead to the ovaries).

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Learn more: Reproductive Health Appointments Menstruation: An Important Milestone The most significant change during puberty for many girls is their first period.

Puberty – How Your Body Changes Your body is changing; your moods may be unpredictable and sometimes hard to explain. These changes are common during puberty, and they happen to everyone.

Our guide to teen health is designed to help you understand the common physical and emotional changes you are going through, and deal responsibly with new personal and social situations you may encounter. Puberty lasts for several years and marks the life stage when your body is changing from a child to an adult. Hormones are natural chemicals in your body that produce gradual physical changes during this time and may also cause emotional changes that can sometimes seem uncontrollable.

Shaving your underarms and legs is a personal choice, but talk about it with one of your parents first.

Learn more: Shaving Acne This aggravating condition may be mild (blackheads and whiteheads), moderate (larger inflamed-looking blemishes) or severe (large cysts or nodules).

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