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The men I have met on the site are repulsive, very inappropriate and many are only after hookups.I ended up meeting a guy from my home town on the site.It happend in the same second that my payment went through. I have never been a member of But, I have received several emails on my Facebook account from people I don't personally know, telling me that someone else is using my photos and name on this $#*! I hope they will close this FAKE page made in my name, using my photos soon. Please be aware and report this page if you have an account on I don't have an account and the only way I can report it is to open a ticket and hopefully they will get the page down! ed down by different types of men half of them they barley even know and half of these females be married or in a relationship or have a ton of kids. Oh and one more thing, tagged should renamed MEET EBONY PEOPLE.because you will find nothing but black people on there.

its a great website for thirsty dehydrated people of sexual cravings. Now if in time I really like a person, i will go on to whatsap, viber or skype and video chat there The pet gameis fun.

They have guys who prey on females begging for sex desperate,men with bad teeth no car,no job,6 kids 6 moms run run...many of them telling you stories of how they have no job,living in a car bs straight up bums even men in 49s,50s just crazy hope it shuts down,who post drugs,guns in the status? tagged men.heard it all..i deleted my page its just nasty.

lets people make way more than one account, a lot of these people use these fake accounts to help their main account in pets game, where you buy and sell people's pictures, either with real money or in game coins you earn when you make a profit in the pets game.

I don't have anything against black people, im just warning you.

Oh and if you women dont mind a guy sending you a d#ck picture that will happen quite often over there.

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