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It's not the highest quality stream, but it's smooth and reliable (except for xsplit crashing all the time! Post a link to your JTV channel, let us take a look at it.

It might be a case of unrealistic expectations--you're not going to get a cast that looks like Budwise unless you have the TOP top gear.

Ingame settings dx10 all high, 4x AA: no ingame lag while broadcasting with the following x-plit settings (1080p, 20FPS): to my sample: that my AT-partner is using 3G-internet in this game, should you see any lag it must have been there ingame too But iirc in this one his 3G was pwning throughout the game.

When it's in windowed mode, it doesn't let you choose a resolution.I have tried everything I can think of short of dropping the quality of the stream below an acceptable level.I just upgraded to a 25 mbps upstream and I'm getting quite frustrated at all of this.Roughly speaking, this tells Xsplit how hard it should try to compress the video.faster: Uses less cpu , more bandwidth.slower: Uses more cpu, less bandwidth.It doesn't affect overall quality (technically as h.264 uses destructive compression, slower may create some artifacts)Higher: Uses more CPU, more bandwidth Lower: Uses less CPU, less bandwidth Most important factor deciding quality second to resolution, especially when there are many details changing fast, eg. As far as I can tell it just sets the maximum bitrate and should be set to something close to your maximum upload speed.

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