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Niarchos, like most Greek shipowners, had committed all ships under his management to the Allied war effort and lost six of 14 carriers.He retrieved some of his losses through insurance and proceeded to buy US-built Liberty and Victory dry cargo ships, as well as T2 oil-tankers.When Greece entered the war, he joined the Royal Hellenic Navy, serving on North Atlantic convoys with the rank of lieutenant-commander; he was later named Honorary Naval Attache to the Greek embassy in Washington (1944-48). The sale revived the fortunes of Greece's depleted merchant marine and made possible its post-war renascence. The Livanos family had been resident in New York since the war and Aristotle Onassis had already proved himself eligible for the hand of the younger daughter, Tina.

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They were married in 1971 with the approval of the bride's mother, Mme Arietta Livanos.Peeved by Tory accusations in Parliament, Niarchos announced he was ready to reverse the purchase and sell the tankers back to the yard at the original price, forgoing interest.BS found the offer embarrassing and chose to sidestep it.The marriage with Eugenia was interrupted rudely in 1964 on account of Niarchos's tumultuous affair with Charlotte Ford, the 24-year-old daughter of Henry Ford II. After this escapade came to a bitter end in 1967, Niarchos retraced his steps to Eugenia with impunity - the Greek Orthodox Church had never dissolved their wedlock.Three years later, Eugenia died from an overdose of barbiturates while holidaying on Spetsopoula.

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