Stages in the dating process carbon dating faq

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Then, somewhere in the middle of the semester they get into an argument—probably over some guy—and immediately their friendship ends.

Not soon after, they begin to talk about each other and tell each other's business to other people.

I have learned that once you can establish where a person falls in the friendship pyramid, you can begin to treat them accordingly—thus, establishing expectations accordingly and lowering disappointment.

Below is an image of the Friendship Pyramid that I created from doing research on the topic of friendship.

This habit results in us jumping from one stage of friendship to the next, while skipping other stages.

For example, freshmen girls move in to their new dorms to start off the year and they are just meeting their roommates.

A typical kindergartener's dialogue might go somewhat like this "Oh! I like them, too," and from this one similarity a friendship is born.

We become friends, but we do not understand the concepts behind the word nor the development of the friendship.

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I know that this has been an issue in my life because I was raised to treat everyone almost as if they were a close friend, but my years in college have taught me otherwise.The bonding factor in this stage revolves around the friends' common interests and activities.Additionally, in this stage, people are personally invested in each other; they are aware of each other's achievements and they give praise and support.However, this is about as far as it goes in with this stage.Overall, you both know each other in the social and business aspect of each other's life, but do not know each other personally.

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