Sql updating identity column

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If you change the database default collation afterwards, the new collation will be used.With the older versions of Hyper SQL the special type VARCHAR_IGNORECASE was used as the column type for case-insensitive comparison.Finally 3 indicates additional sensitivity to different punctuation.A second parameter can also be used with values 0 or 1, to indicate how decomposition of accented characters for comparison is handled for languages that support such characters.When the collation is specified without strength, it seems the system defaults to strength 2, which is case and accent sensitive.When a collation is not explicitly used in the CREATE TABLE statement for a column, then the database default collation is used for this column.The default database collation is the same as the system collation.

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Collations for a large number of languages are supported by Hyper SQL. However, when they are referenced in a statement, there is no need for a schema prefix.A different collation than the default collation can be specified for each table column that is defined as CHAR or VARCHAR. This collation is case insensitive, so the same name with different uses of upper and lower case letters is considered the same and counted together. You can use just the name in double quotes for the default form of the collation.A collation can also be used in an ORDER BY clause. The supported collations are named according to the language. If you add a strength between 0, 1, 2, 3, the case sensitivity and accent sensitivity changes.The persistent elements of an SQL environment are database objects.The database consists of catalogs plus authorizations.

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